Design As You Would, Love Resonating With Your Spirit

Scattered pillows, hanging potted plants, wall sculptures of Krishna and Ganesha, old world carvings of lotus and chakras, earthy grounding woods aged so beautifully, spiritual and cleansing the aura that emerges from my house is my connection to my birthplace, beautiful India.

My house is an extension of my personality, always changing, never staying still, the bohemian wanderlust spirit reaches deep within my soul. Travel to the temples or the river Ganges, the walls do the talking and take me on a journey. Be it a stunning kutch tapestry, intricately embroidered with mirrors, each thread sewn in by hand, beautifully embellished and worn with time or a zardozi beaded opulent wall tapestry runner that beckons me with its sparkles.

Minimal, modern urban chic or maximal bohemian? Let your imagination soar, play with dark and bold patterns or the soft paisleys of Jamavar pashmina throws! The colors and patterns of Indian tapestries are mesmerizing and boldly beautiful! Line up patchwork pillows to work as a valance or window treatment and hang sheer curtains, creating design that is your very own expression.

Stagger wall hangings that collide in their colors and designs, taking your staircase up higher into the realms of the palaces of India. Be your own creation using old wood corbels and moldings as the tapestry hangers. You cannot go wrong, everything is a blend of your design. Old terrace windows or jharokhas make beautiful wall art and become even more creative using them to showcase your art or pictures.

Turquoise cabinets, camel and elephants carved brass chests, benches made from old ox carts, recyled old distressed woods that carry energies of the vastness of this universe, Indian antiques are just the right statement furniture you need. Hand crafted and exotic the designs are a blend of the opulent Haveli style and the simpler British Colonial design.

Antique Indian doors make a simple wall take on a totally new dimension, go for the Om door or the Shekhawati door, which translates into the Garden of the Sheikh. Carved with beautiful floral designs and patinas of the desert the vintage doors add character to your home.

Mandala printed blankets make the perfect backdrop to your laid back style living room where statues of Shiva and Saraswati play the music of divine love. Cascading water with potted pants and sand stone sculptures from the region of Bodh Gaya, the birthplace of Buddha, the energy is immense. Come, explore and find treasures, beautiful hand carved and perfectly sculpted garden statues that beckon your spirit. Design as you would with love resonating with your spirit.

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